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With already two weeks into my stay in Cambridge I have worked a lot and seen a lot! In the last week, Trond was visiting and we went around on a pub to pub mission in order to see and to taste different beer.trond_at_fitzwilliam

Image above is taken from Fitzwilliam bar. This is acutally a bar on campus where only students has access. Pretty awesome bar on campus. During daytime it serves as a coffee bar and in the evening they open for distribution of beer.


From Fitzwilliam playground. This is a normal practice where they serve beer in the local bar that’s open during training and matches. Usually they wait with the beer until practice is over, but the old guys like to enjoy one during the practice as well 🙂


This is where I work. Far out on the countryside on a large farm actually. Its quiet and nice out here and the offices is really nice as well. Will try to get some photos from inside later on. A lot of people have been asking around what I am doing over here and with all technical questions they are not that easy to answer to the average human with out any technical insight. But I will give it a fair shot here anyways.

ThirdLight develops a product, a quite nice one. Check it out on Im not going in details what their product is for now and how it works, but imagine a webpage with text and images. See image bellow:


What I do replace text selections with references as illustrated in the image bellow.


By transforming text to references, these references can be collected with in a file and by duplicating this file and translating the file, our page can have different languages to apply for it. During last week, I believe I had about 1000 text strings converted to keys where we estimate that the whole solution contains about 13 to 15k strings. Relax, I am not to translate 15k strings, since about 12k of them where replaced with script automation and its the remainings that needs special attention to make sure we have a fully converted and translatable solution.

Its more or less a straight forward job, some of the challenges lies within the extension of pluralizing words where the scripts just adds a ‘s’ to the ending of the word. Therefor some scripts needs to be changed in order to support different endings containing whole words.


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