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JavaZone 2015 is just around the corner and here is my picks so far. Some slots are still empty and TBD while other slots are double booked. Might just need to decide a couple of minutes before the talks start and let my guts decide.


Wednesday 9/9

Thursday 10/9

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  1. Henning

    Did you see the SQRL presentation?? I follow the podcast “Security now”, and the host Steve Gibson made it. It’s an amazing alternative to passwords in that it also provides site-to-site anonymity by giving away no email address to track!

    • olavjh

      Yes, I did follow it! The presentation was actually delivered by one of my many colleagues in EVRY 🙂
      I find the use of technology quite inspiring and the fact that I never have to be “afraid” of my password being lost again is quite nice!


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