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From the first time I started to play with OpenGL (which was with this Android application) I found it quite time consuming. Modeling objects from vectors and coordinates in 3D space means that not only do you need to figure out how you would draw the part, but also its points and position in space. On the bright side it can be quite satisfying when drawing, as you gain full control of how the lines and drawn and shapes are created.

Luckely for me, I am still a student where I am currently taking a course in computer graphics. In my first assignment I created a helicopter. I cant say that this is fully developed as it is missing a lot of essential parts, however its a foundation and it got rotors!


During the development of the helicopter I put some effort in making the blades adjusting according to the speed. This means that when the rotor is standing still, the wings will be slightly tilted. When the rotors start the blades will be slightly straighten out and as the speed increases to its max speed where the blades will be fully straightened out.

The helicopter class and example can be downloaded here OpenGL Helicopter. Feel free to test it or use it in your project. The helicopter as a speed ranging from 0 to 10 and its ajusted by increasing or decreasing its value with .setSpeed().

Helicopter hc = new Helicopter();

Also remember that the helicopter is updated in the display method where the GL object is passed onto the draw method of the helicopter.


If you extend or use this helicopter it would be nice to see your results. Happy coding!

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