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Its been a while now since the making of Inventory Manager and based on the good feedback I got from it, I decided to make it public. Originally its birth took place as a task in the subject .NET from Østfold University Collage. We where to make an application that challenges the use of C# combined with the framework .NET. At the same time during semester start, the school cafeteria got my attention in order to figure out a system that would ease and make product head count easy and efficient.

This was an exciting twist. I would make an application that would grade me and at the same time serve a purpose. During the process of making I have several times consulted with the cafeteria and they have provided useful information. The result of the project is an application that keeps track of all the EAN numbers for all the registered products. Each product has two registered EAN numbers where one represents a single unit and the other represents a pack with multiple units. This way it can manage boxes and single products.

Now you might wonder how this works. In order for this product to be valuable, it needs to be connected with a barcode reader. This way its easy to convert barcodes in to digital numbers. The connection between computer and the barcode reader is a simple a neat USB barcode reader. With a USB barcode reader its plug and play and when a barcode is scanned, the scanner convert it into numbers and type them automatically as a keyboard would do, followed by a return stroke.

So now we have an application that handles product and keeps track of all scanned products. In order to lift it to the next level and make it useful in a wide specter. The secret lies in the presentation of the results. The results is exported to Microsoft Excel with formulas intact and easy to edit. Most users are known with the use of Excel and uses it on a daily basis. Therefor exporting the results nicely to Excel puts the user back to a comfort zone and not to forget that Excel is a powerful application it self. The next image show a sample exported to Excel.

I hope the project can bring use to other small businesses, the setup files can be downloaded beneath and for those who find it interesting the source code can be downloaded as well.

The install files can be downloaded here.

Full documentation is located here. (Norwegian)

Source files can be downloaded here.

The project was graded A and I would like to thank Lars-Erik Aabech that gave me constructive feedback and tips on how to organize my code.

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