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While trying to figure out if my computers WiFi could be used as a hotspot, I did some search and found this article on how to achieve it! The article shows a step by step process to figure out if your computer supports adhoc network and further how to enable it.

If you did read the article, you will know by now that netsh needs to be run in a command line with administrative privileges and each time you restart the computer, you are required to start the network again from command line. To simplify this procedure I created a GUI wrapper application that still uses the same commands, but wrapped nicely with forms and buttons as illustrated in the image bellow.


You can download the source files here. If you only want the executable, its located in the source folder ‘\WinWiFi\WinWiFi\bin\Debug\WinWiFi.exe’. This file can be copied to the desktop or any other location.


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