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In my latest discovery of web-sockets and its potential I started playing with different ideas build on the Amazon AWS cloud. The resulting idea is to make a quiz where you need to supply the answers in QR fashionable way. You open the quiz on your phone by scanning a QR code taking you to the webpage with the quiz. Once the quiz is loaded, a web-socket connection is established. Continuing to the quiz overview you are allowed to select the first question before you can continue. This question needs to be solved before one can continue. While opening the question you are presented with the question and a text field to make your answer. Once pressing the button to answer your answer is converted to a QR code. This QR code is encoded with a identifying token, the number representing which question you are replying as well as the answer it self. In order to continue the quiz, you will need to scan your QR code in the camera to the hosts machine or the quiz master machine. The QR image is decoded and the answer is checked. The hosts machine will then message the client browser and depending on your answer if it was right or wrong, the browser will then automatically navigate to a response page.


This kind of loop makes it possible for the user to search for the question from anywhere, but in order to check its correctness the user is required to bring the phone back to the hosts machine and get the answer validated. The solution might not be politically correct as the user are allowed to use any form of help to reach the question and it serves more as a playful approach to the way quizzes are held.


Above is a screenshot from the desktop machine also known as the quiz master. The webcam feed is shown in the upper left corner to help the users to navigate the QR code accordingly to the webcam. To indicate that the QR code is valid and converted, a green box pops up to give a visual feedback that it has successfully got the content from the QR.


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