So faar, so good in Cambridge

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With already two weeks into my stay in Cambridge I have worked a lot and seen a lot! In the last week, Trond was visiting and we went around on a pub to pub mission in order to see and to taste different beer. Image above is taken from Fitzwilliam bar. This is acutally a… Read more »

First week at MarkedsPartner

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My first week at MarkedsPartner is soon to be completed. So what is this and what have I been up to? For starters I had a basic run into and MVC development, this is used threw out most of the development projects and it was necessary to get a grasp of how it works…. Read more »

Inventory Manager, the .NET project at school

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Its been a while now since the making of Inventory Manager and based on the good feedback I got from it, I decided to make it public. Originally its birth took place as a task in the subject .NET from Østfold University Collage. We where to make an application that challenges the use of C#… Read more »

The Enigma election system

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During the preparations for the Enigma election, an student society for the students located at the department of technology at HiØ. I took part of making the election system handing voters and the votes. To start off, we have a database containing all the members and their user name. Since the usernames are generated by… Read more »

Moro med OpenGL i app challenge!

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Nok en ny utfordring i Android gruppen ved HiØ. Denne måneden er det følgende oppgavebeskrivelse: Månedens apputfordring er å lage en terningkastapp! En enkel knapp som gir deg et tilfeldig tall mellom 1 og 6, hele Yatzee-settet som kastes ved å riste telefonen, eller kanskje rollespillterninger i 3D? Det er opp til deg! – Se forum… Read more »

Favourite Systems App challenge på HiØ

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Created on Friday, 09 March 2012 14:22 Da Favorite Systems kom for å holde bedrifts presentasjon på HiØ snakket de mye om hva som egner seg best til hvilken plattform og hvilke utfordringer det er å utvikle applikasjoner til flere plattformer med minst mulig arbeidsinnsats (more money). I forkant av denne presentasjonen gikk de ut… Read more »