Modeling Helicopter in OpenGL

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From the first time I started to play with OpenGL (which was with this Android application) I found it quite time consuming. Modeling objects from vectors and coordinates in 3D space means that not only do you need to figure out how you would draw the part, but also its points and position in space. On… Read more »

Embrazing technology, lets make a QR Quiz

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In my latest discovery of web-sockets and its potential I started playing with different ideas build on the Amazon AWS cloud. The resulting idea is to make a quiz where you need to supply the answers in QR fashionable way. You open the quiz on your phone by scanning a QR code taking you to the webpage with the… Read more »

Migrating to WordPress!

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Yeah, seems like we finally got here. Joomla have lost the battle against WordPress, most due to its inconvenient user interface and customization and not to forget the users perspective of whats expected usage. “No need to bring an army to a battle of chess”. As updates are done and wildly experimenting with rerouting and reorganizing my… Read more »

Facebook the ultimate platform for deception

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It seems like the user is more willing to click on a link presented on Facebook by “trusted” friends and acquaintances. The tolerance bar is lowered and the level of acceptance for approving and checking out user posted links, seems extremely low. It still baffles me the way some links screams out; “See what this… Read more »

Rock the paper

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Some people need challenges to do stuff, I am one of them. From the Enigma Android challenge of the month I tested out the sensor technique to act out as an extension of the hand. This month challenge was to make a rock, paper, scissors application. It was quite fun to play with and the… Read more »