A full list of all my blog entries \o/

Blog titles Creation date
Adding Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 to OpenHAB22017-11-13 00:29
Lightning talk at javaBin: URL-Signing and data integrity2016-04-08 17:00
Using C# and OCR to say bye to Buypass with Byepass2016-01-31 22:03
My picks for JavaZone 20152015-09-07 16:29
Chrome Extensions for a Developer (must have)2015-07-25 17:13
3D Printing in Minecraft with ComputerCraft2014-10-20 19:18
Hackaton with Enigma: A glance back2014-10-05 03:46
Rule the world with Eye tracking & Speech recognition2014-03-20 10:28
DesktopEye an Eye Tracking Prototype2014-02-18 10:45
Hotspot GUI Wrapper for netsh2014-01-15 08:59
Finished my Computer Graphics Assignemt2013-12-05 15:18
Nifty GUI create key bindings for your game in JMonkey Engine 32013-12-05 13:26
Modeling Helicopter in OpenGL2013-10-09 09:38
vSlider 5.0 is causing problems with insert new media in WordPress2013-04-14 02:43
Embrazing technology, lets make a QR Quiz2013-03-24 02:51
Migrating to WordPress!2013-02-26 17:15
Facebook the ultimate platform for deception2013-01-22 08:39
Rock the paper2012-10-26 17:33
So faar, so good in Cambridge2012-07-09 01:15
First week at MarkedsPartner2012-06-21 06:35
Inventory Manager, the .NET project at school2012-06-04 22:19
The Enigma election system2012-04-19 11:19
Moro med OpenGL i app challenge!2012-03-28 16:25
Favourite Systems App challenge på HiØ2012-03-09 14:22
Android + Canvas = MoRo!2012-02-17 01:17
StudWeb Mini en prosess2011-12-28 23:05
Logg inn på StudentWeb gjennom Feide med PHP og CURL2011-12-22 00:29
Min første android applikasjon!2011-12-18 12:28
Lag din egen plugin for nicEdit2011-12-15 15:03